Plumbing is something that should always be on a homeowner’s mind. Water uses a lot of energy and can cost quite a bit of money, especially with water heating making up about 18% of energy use in a home. So you should always do whatever you can to ensure your plumbing is in tip-top shape. While you may find yourself worrying about plumbing more in the winter months, like protecting your pipes in winter from freezing temperatures, there are a few plumbing tasks you should be thinking about during the summer as well.

Inspect your hoses and outdoor faucets: When the summer sun is beating down, nothing is better than running through the sprinkler. Or you may just use your hose or sprinkler to water your greenery. Either way, hoses and outdoor faucets get a lot of use in the summertime. Not only that, but they can also pose a risk of having undetected leaks since they’re outside. So you should routinely check for leaks on your outdoor faucets. This will not only help you get full use out of your sprinkler and hose, but can help save some money by not wasting water.

Prepare before you go on vacation: With kids out of school, many families decide to go on vacation in the summer. But nothing ruins a vacation like coming home to a flooded basement. So before you pack your bags and head off on vacation, make sure you turn off or lower your water pressure. Because you won’t be using any water while you’re away, the water pressure can build up and cause a leak. So don’t forget to prepare your house before you head out to avoid any water mishaps.

Check the water pressure: There is generally more water used during the summertime, especially with more people in the house during the day. With more water being used, it’s important to ensure the proper water pressure is being maintained. A plumber can help check your water pressure and ensure it’s lowered or raised as necessary. With the right water pressure, you can enjoy properly pressurized water in the shower and you can save your plumbing and appliances.

So while you don’t have to worry about protecting your pipes in winter right now, you still have to keep your plumbing in mind. Following these few tips will help you make sure your plumbing is in the best shape possible this summer.

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