Air conditioning repair is one of those things that no one wants to need, but the best way to keep an air conditioning unit in good shape and save money is by having the right commercial air conditioning repair company to keep your investment safe. There are a lot of benefits to having someone on call who can do reliable AC repair, but the key is having the right technicians. Here are some warning signs that you might need to hunt for another commercial air conditioning repair company.

  1. Your utility costs keep going up. Sometimes costs go up because prices go up or because something changes about the way you use your HVAC system. Sometimes increased costs are an indication that you’ve nearly reached the 10-15 year end of unit life that most air conditioners have. If you’ve turned your thermostat up or down, that will have a big effect, too, as you can save 5% a year on heating just by lowering the thermostat two degrees. But if usage and habits haven’t changed and the unit hasn’t reached the expected end of its lifespan, the problem could be that your air conditioning company is going through the motions of maintenance without actually doing it.
  2. You’re constantly having breakdowns. Good service and the right maintenance should prevent problems. If the system is being taken care of, you won’t be getting calls after hours about needing service and repair.
  3. They run through technicians like kids through Halloween candy. If there’s a new technician every time you call, that probably means things are not good over at your commercial air conditioning repair company. A healthy company hires good people and then keeps them. If a technician does leave or is promoted, a quality company will let you know and help you transition to your new expert technician.
  4. They stop being responsive. For commercial air conditioning repair, it’s normal to be able to expect them to start driving to your facility within four hours. When you have a crisis, you need to be able to count on them. If a technician starts missing appointments or is always late, it could be the technician, or it could be the company. Call management to find out, but if you don’t get a good explanation it might be time to move on.
  5. They let their certifications and permits drop. If you own a commercial property and anything goes wrong with HVAC, you can be liable to litigation if you let a commercial air conditioning repair service work on it when they weren’t not properly licensed and certified. The company you use should be happy to give you copies of all these things at least once a year.
  6. They stop doing visit to the site before making cost quotes. The the company previously always did a site inspection but now starts quoting costs before seeing anything, it’s probably time to move on. All estimates for commercial HVAC upgrades and repairs have to be made on the basis of a personal evaluation by an expert. Commercial systems are too complicated to deal with without a first-hand look.

These are just a few of the warning signs that you don’t have a great AC repair company on your side. If you notice these things, consider getting a new company that will do the job right and keep your investment safe and secure.

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