Outdoor lighting is one of the fastest growing trends in home renovation, with over 40 percent of homeowners saying that landscape lighting is “essential” for any well-maintained yard. In fact, 16 percent of respondents to U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends said that outdoor lighting was the single most important yard feature for any home. Whether you’re entertaining or creating your own outdoor oasis, the right lighting can create a relaxing and attractive ambiance for all of your summer activities.

Three Landscape Lighting Ideas to Try this Summer

Add patio lighting. If you’re just getting started with outdoor landscape lighting, it’s great to begin with an outdoor patio. Install soft lighting around a deck table and chairs for the perfect outdoor dining and entertaining area. Lantern-style lights can add to a casual summer ambiance, while low-voltage lighting can show off the architectural features of your home. If you have an insulated patio, extra lighting can allow you to use your deck all year round.

Install path, post, and bollard lights. Why not show off a garden or walkway with additional path lighting? Again, low voltage lighting fixtures can draw attention to foliage and water features without being distracting. Pond lighting can also elevate an outdoor walkway or seating area. While the majority of homeowners who installed outdoor lighting in 2016 elevated garden walkways, these types of installations can be time-consuming and difficult to do on your own. It pays to consult an expert who can navigate the electrical work and suggest landscape lighting ideas to compliment the aesthetic of your home and yard.

Use LED Lights. Nearly three quarters of home owners who did outdoor renovations in 2017 used LED lights, and it’s easy to see why: LEDs use 15 percent less energy than halogen lights, but produce 85 percent more light. Indeed, LED lights are often the most cost-effective and attractive method for lighting your yard. As the outdoor lighting market continues to grow, so too will the trend in LED lights. It pays to invest in an energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting method with widely-available fixtures. Professionals can also suggest other landscape lighting ideas and placement to enhance the brightness of your outdoor LED lights.

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