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Brr? The frost on your window in the early morning and the chilled air making you shiver can mean only one thing: winter is on its way. It happens every year, but it hardly ever gets easier. It helps to have a quality heating system in place before it gets too cold, that way you can wake up warm and only have to face the outdoor tundra for a short amount of time. Perhaps you?ve never considered, though, why your energy bill is so high? It?s possible that your furnace is either outdated or is in need of a repair. On average, furnaces last about 15 years. Many households have even older furnaces that aren?t running at full efficiency. What options do you have?
When it comes to heating services, there are a couple different ways to heat your house.
Wood furnaces are an incredible source of heat, not only for your house but for your heart! They also rarely require a furnace repair. There is something so comforting about snuggling up next to a wood-burning heater at night. The problem is, they are not always the most efficient or easy to control. If you live next to a lot of wood, however, they might be perfect!
Gas furnaces are typically found in most homes. When many of these were first installed, however, there weren?t many laws surrounding efficiency. Today, 78% efficiency is the lowest allowed by law, but some achieve 97% efficiency. When deciding on heating services, always consider how it will affect your wallet.

But what happens if your furnace breaks?
Repairing a furnace is no small task and is better left to professionals that you trust. Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of winter without a source of warmth, that?s why it is a good idea to check with a heating company before it gets too cold. If your furnace does turn off, it could be as simple as a circuit breaker or dust accumulation, or it could be something more serious.

It is important to stay warm in the winter, so make sure to check your furnace for efficiency and for potential damages. Since repairing a furnace can be difficult and costly, consider upgrading to save you money and time!

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