As working from home has become the norm for many of us, the concept of a home office has evolved. While a dedicated room with a door is still ideal, kitchens, dens and other areas of our homes are pulling double duty as workspaces.

No matter where you set up shop, when you begin your workday you want to feel good about walking into your office space each morning. A well-lit workspace is comfortable, inviting, motivating and helps you focus.

Natural light—and window treatments that help you maximize its benefits—plays a big role in creating not only a pleasing atmosphere, but a productive one.

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Here’s how to put home office window shades and blinds to work for you. While sunlight is welcome, if you’re sitting at your desk with the office window behind you, the sun’s rays can cause excessive glare on your computer screen. And that can lead to either squinting up close or stretching back to see better, neither of which is ideal.

You can significantly minimize glare and reduce eyestrain by controlling natural light with roller shades.

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