To get the best returns out of working on home improvement and doing renovations, you need to have a sound strategy. A part of this strategy is choosing the right renovations to work on first since this can impact your expenditure and the rest of the house as well. That said, you may be wondering how to put your home remodeling resources to use and which rooms you should renovate first. With this information, you can take charge of your home renovations and get the best returns from your investment. Here are some of the rooms to prioritize in this case to help you make the right call and keep your home in great shape.


The first space in your home to which you should dedicate home remodeling resources is the bathroom. This is a space that gets a lot of traffic all through the day, so there’s no question about how it interacts with the rest of your house. Working on a bathroom remodel may make it easier for you to get the rest of the house in good shape since the changes that you make in this space will be felt throughout the house. Look for reliable local remodeling contractors who have a proven track record of doing good work so that you can get the ideal bathroom for your home.

Another reason why the bathroom is a great project to prioritize working on is because there are many elements that you can improve. From glass shower door installations to space expansion, you can revolutionize your experience in the bathroom with a number of upgrades. You can also improve the sustainability of your home by trying to make the bathroom more water-efficient. For this, you may not even need costly home remodeling resources since you simply need to get the right fixtures.

You can repaint the walls of your bathroom and replace the countertop to breathe new life into the space. Don’t forget to replace the floor with a newer one that will be both appealing and safe so there’s a lower chance of someone slipping and falling in the bathroom. Think about the most pressing needs that you have in terms of bathroom improvement so that you know what you need to start with. This way, you can use additional money on projects that aren’t particularly urgent to simply add final touches to the space.


You should also think about investing home remodeling resources in your basement, which can make it a habitable space and increase your home’s square footage. To start with, if there’s any infiltration of water into the basement, you need to address it as soon as you can. Doing this will save you from the possibility of a flood or other water issue that will leave you dealing with water damage, which can be expensive and time-consuming. If the basement is overly moist, this is a sign that you may be in need of basement foundation waterproofing so that you can keep the water out.

Once you’re sure that no water is likely to get into the basement and damage things that you may put in it, you can start to think of other improvements. One of the best projects in this case is converting the basement to a livable space that can be used as a home office, kid’s playroom, or even an additional lounge. This will make sure that there’s room for everyone to enjoy having a dedicated space in which they can do various things, depending on the project that you settle for.

Talk to reliable basement contractors in your area to find out the specific home remodeling resources that will go into the project that you settle for. They can help you figure out the cost and other details surrounding various improvements, enabling you to plan well. As a result, you’ll have a basement that solves a need that you have as a family, making your home more valuable and functional.


The kitchen is another space in the typical house that sees a lot of traffic all through the day. From serving as a meal prep center to being the place where you share certain meals like breakfast as a family, there are many activities that can take place in the kitchen. That’s why it’s a great idea to find out the home remodeling resources that you should dedicate to it and work on them before you think about other projects and renovations. Since there are a number of details that you can work on in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to plan for what you want to do in advance.

If you decide to work on a major remodel of your kitchen, you should hire a local kitchen remodeling service to work with you. This will save you the hassle of having to look for different contractors who will do the various projects that you want to work on. You may also be able to make some savings in labor costs because you only have to pay a single team to do everything. With this in mind, you’re likely to be granted a discount if you request one.

Make sure to find reliable kitchen design contractors for a major remodel so that you don’t end up wasting your home remodeling resources. These professionals will be able to help you get the best outcome from the projects that you need done. That’s because they have experience in this area of home renovation, and they also know how to do a safe job. For example, they’re not likely to damage plumbing and leave you with a bigger expense on your hands, which is all the more reason why you need to make sure that you’ve hired professionals.

Laundry Room

You should put some of your home remodeling resources towards improving the laundry room. This is the space where you get your laundry sorted and cleaned, which is a chore that not too many people are happy doing. To improve this space, there are a number of projects that you can do, and one of these is repainting the walls. With freshly painted walls in the laundry room, you can be assured of making the room more appealing and pleasant to be in. Take it a step further by installing proper lights that will help you spot any stains and other issues that your laundry may have.

More importantly, you can upgrade the floor of your laundry room, giving it a beautiful new look. Remember that you need to get a durable floor that’s additionally not going to present a slipping risk. The best floor should be easy to clean so that you don’t have to struggle with the floor after doing your laundry. One great option for a floor that you can choose for this space is vinyl, for which you’ll hire vinyl flooring installers in your area. They’ll tell you all that you need to know about vinyl, including its cost and maintenance, so you can proceed with full knowledge of what to expect.

This room may not need too many home remodeling resources to be improved, so it’s a great project to do and be done with. With the help of a good home renovation contractor, you can improve the function of the space and improve your laundry experiences for the future. Don’t forget to check the plumbing in the laundry room and make sure that there aren’t any leaks. These can damage the laundry room itself and other rooms adjoining it, leaving you with a serious issue on your hands. All it takes to make sure that this isn’t an issue is to call a plumber and have them do a thorough inspection of the space, making any repairs that they find to be necessary.

Living Room

You should also allocate some of your home remodeling resources to the living room. This is important to do because this is the space in which your guests may spend the most time when they come over to visit. Bearing this in mind, there are a number of things that you can work on to make sure that your guests have a great experience. Your family is also going to benefit from these improvements because they’ll have a comfortable space in which to spend time and bond with each other. You can therefore talk about the improvements that you can make to this space as a family so that everyone will play a role in its improvement.

One of the most expensive home remodeling resources that you’re likely to spend on in this space is living room furniture. Next to a house and a car, furniture is one of the most expensive things that most people are going to spend money on in their lifetime. This makes it important to ensure that you’ve made the right call and bought the best furniture. In this case, it should be durable, appealing, comfortable, and well-made furniture. If it’s been a long time since you bought furniture for this space, and what you currently have is worn or even damaged, it’s a good idea to invest in replacements.

You could also repaint the walls or replace the wallpaper if it’s old and showing signs of damage. This can improve your living room’s appeal, and the best part is that this project won’t cost you a lot of time and money to do. Choose a neutral color that’s close to the general theme of your home in this case, so that you can maintain the appearance and make sure that everything matches. If you want to make a drastic change, you can switch to a different color, especially if you’re doing an overhaul of major elements in the space such as the furniture. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that a loud and bold color may wear you out in a short time and leave you yearning for a change.


The final room in your home that you need to dedicate home remodeling resources to is the bedroom. This is the room where you go to relax and refresh yourself after a long day up and about. It should therefore be comfortable and cozy, with calm colors and beautiful decor that flows well together. You may want to get a new mattress if your current one is worn out so that you improve your comfort and improve your quality of sleep. If you do this, you might as well get a new bed from a good furniture store in your area so that you get the full effect of your home improvement.

Your bedroom could also benefit from getting a lighting upgrade, in which case you could get new lighting fixtures and dimming switches so that you can control the brightness of the light in your bedroom. As a result, you can unwind and keep the lights just bright enough to see by but not too bright. You may have an easier time getting to sleep because of this, which can improve your health over time. While still on the lighting, you should replace all the light bulbs around your home with LED bulbs which need less energy to stay on and are therefore great for the environment and for your wallet too.

Once you work on these rooms in your home and get them looking their best, you can start working on other improvements in the house. You’ll find that your home feels better and is more organized as a result, looking as good as new. Whether you intend to keep living in it for years to come, or you want to put it on the market for sale, you can be sure that you’ll be happy that you took the time to make these improvements. Don’t forget to stay ahead of repairs by working on preventative maintenance, which can save you a lot of expenses down the road. Finally, always hire qualified and experienced people to work on the various projects that need to be done because this will assure you of getting great results and your full money’s worth.

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