Roofing contractor

There are many different roofing companies across the country and in your area that are constantly jockeying for your business. When it comes to your home, you already know how important a quality roof is. In fact, we even refer to a roof as though it were the most important piece in our feeling of security that comes with having a place to live. We say, “I’m glad to have a roof over my head!”

The roof you have over your head is not one to take for granted. Having a safe and effective roof means you need to take care of it and keep an eye on it. Professionals recommend having your roof inspected at least once or twice a year. Depending on where you live, damage can happen all at once or slowly over time. Having a regular inspection done can help you plan for any repairs that might be needed down the road or that total roof replacement that might be required.

Hail damage, storm damage, or even damage caused by the stray squirrel who makes his way into the attic and nibbles his way out can put you in a difficult spot if you’re not prepared for roof repair. Roofing companies that know what they are doing will be able to offer you the type of roof that will not only protect you and your family for the long hall but save you money and energy as well.

One type of roof that many roofers will recommend is the metal roof and there are three main reasons why.

1.) Metal roofs typically contain at least 25% of recycled content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their very long life.

2.) Cool metal roofs can lower the costs of energy that comes with cooling the interior of your home by up to 20% and reduce the cooling demand during peak cooling times by 15% and possibly even more, depending on where you live.

3.) A painted metal roof can retain as much as 95% of its initial reflectance over the duration of its lifetime. If you live anywhere where the sun beats down on your home for the majority of the year, this could be ideal for you.

Roofing companies have made enormous strides over the last 100 years when it comes to providing their customers with options. Different materials and construction practices have enabled homeowners to feel more comfortable than ever with regard to their housetop. Through research that has studied how roofing materials stand the test of time, roofing companies have become experts on what materials work in what parts of the country and which materials should best be left to houses in places other than yours.

If you want a solid roof over your head, get in touch with your local roofing expert today.

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