The Best Time to Start Your Tree Trimming

You’ll want to trim your trees sometime between the beginning of Fall and the beginning of Spring. There are a few reasons why this time frame is ideal for your trees.

Greater Visibility

The winter months are best for tree trimming because all the leaves are gone by then. This increases visibility and allows you to get to the branches easier.

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Pests Are Not Around

In the Fall, pests such as insects aren’t around as often. In the Winter, you aren’t likely to have any bugs come flying around as you cut branches. This is a definite plus for you and the trees on your property.

Wound Closure

A tree will conduct its proper wound closure in late Winter, typically right before the Spring growth spurt. Wound closure is a big part of a tree remaining healthy because it will prevent the spread of decay.

Whether you decide to trim trees on your property yourself or contact a company for professional assistance, it’s good to know specific time frames and what to expect. You’ll be more successful at keeping your tree healthy and continuing to grow for many years if maintain it with adequate tree trimming.


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