Solar installation is gaining popularity for its eco-friendly and sustainable benefits. Here’s what to know about solar installation.

Basic concept when installing solar panels:

Step 1: Prepare a scaffolding as you will constantly be getting up and down your roof; you can also prepare a ladder for safety purposes.

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Step 2: Once you’re on the roof, install the solar panel mounts accordingly. The best way to install these panels is to have them line up in a straight pattern. Also, the angle should be slightly tilted to ensure it harnesses energy from the sun more efficiently.

Step 3: After the solar mounts are installed, the next thing to do is install the solar panels. Most solar panels easily fit into the solar mounts, and you must screw them tightly to ensure they won’t bulge or move when strong winds arrive.

Step 4: When solar panels are already installed, wiring your solar panels to your invert is the next thing to do. All types of solar panels, an MC4 wire is used as it is pretty much suited to everything. Before wiring, ensure that your home’s electricity supply is turned off.

Step 5: Install the solar inverter near the electrical panel. Don’t install inverters where the sunlight can directly hit them. They are best installed in indoor or shaded areas of the house.

Step 6: To generate electricity, connect the solar inverter to the consumer unit for electricity to be generated.


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