Kekstra septic pumping service created this video to help properties owners to know what they can expect when they call for septic pumping service. The experts at Kekstra take you on an actual septic pumping call and show you exactly how the process works.

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Regular pumping (every 3-4 years) of your septic tank is necessary to keep your system in top condition. Septic systems that are well-maintained are less likely to fail and more likely to continue reliable service for years to come.

You should always call on a professional to manage your septic pumping and repairs.


Many homeowners do not realize the importance of septic pumping, especially first-time homeowners. This important part of home maintenance is a quick and easy way to avoid costly problems down the road. A professional septic pumping company has all the right tools and skillset to help you maintain this important system for your home.

This short video is fascinating to watch and provides valuable information. Watch as the professionals from Kekstra take you through the complete process of cleaning a septic tank so that you will know exactly what to expect when it is your turn to have your tank cleaned.


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