You may have noticed a rise in your electricity bills, especially during the hot summer months. Our houses’ heating and cooling systems often consume the most energy. Therefore, it is wise to invest in home improvements, such as adding window treatments that reduce the frequency with which you need to turn up the air conditioning or heating, can dramatically reduce your monthly expenditures. Let’s look at how motorized shades for window treatments help you save energy.

1. Daylight Harvesting

When a natural illumination source is present, you may use less artificial lighting and conserve energy. When installing both motorized shades and home lighting control, you can develop a daylight harvesting system that keeps your house optimally illuminated while consuming the least energy. When you’re at home, you may configure the blinds to gradually open during the day. Using light sensors, your system will monitor the amount of light entering the room and adjust the electric lights to maintain a suitable illumination level.

Dimmers allow your intelligent lighting system to determine the precise amount of light required while conserving energy. A light dimmed to 50% consumes about 50% less energy than a fully illuminated light.

2. Keep Out Heat

While your windows let in wonderful natural light, they also enable the sun’s heat to come into your house, which boosts the indoor temperature. Adding a second layer of window coverings can keep some heat from making its way into your house. Nevertheless, it is time-consuming to ensure that every blind, shade, and curtain is closed. One advantage of motorized shades is the ability to manage all window treatments from a single place. In addition, you may use sensors to adjust the shades as per the room’s temperature and the quantity of light, or you can program the shades to close simultaneously every day.

3. Heat Your Home

Despite the current warm season, the cold season will soon be upon us. What advantages will your motorized shades provide? Heating systems likewise need a great deal of energy; therefore, you should utilize the sun to reduce your home’s reliance on the heater. By affixing solar sensors to your motorized shades, you can uncover your windows whenever the sun shines. This implies you will use the sun’s heat throughout the day. You can also program the shades to close when no light is available in the evening, offering an additional layer of insulation.

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