Roses can be a bit tricky to grow properly. However, these tips from the head gardener at Hever Castle in the UK may help you make the most out of the roses in your garden. Firstly, you should look at the area where you want to plant the rose and the conditions of the area, such as the amount of sunlight it gets. This can help you choose a rose that will thrive in your desired spot.

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It’s also recommended that you take the time to do research on the roses themselves and speak to your local nursery for more information about the roses they carry. Roses can also be grown in a pot so long as that pot is made from terracotta. Be aware that roses tend to like a lot of water, but too much water can cause more harm than good.

The appearance of yellow leaves can be a sign that the plant needs food. Standard rose feed can give it a big boost, and slow-release fertilizer is recommended to help growth as well. Should your roses develop an insect problem, Hever Castle recommends leaving them be instead of spraying chemicals that may also kill the beneficial insects.

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