If you are putting your house on the market any time soon, or if you already have your home for sale, this video is for you. Styling a home before taking photos and having showings is very important in terms of populating interest in your residence. Plenty of thought goes into both the furnishing and the decorating.

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Real estate agents will often empty the house of its current belongings and replace them with different furniture. Dressing a living room up as formal gives the look that you could own this home and entertain in it. When deciding on furniture for styling, opting for choices that show less personality allows viewers to envision themselves in it. Do your best not to block natural light in any of the rooms.

Lighter and neutral tones give the appearance of a room being airy and open. Carpets and rugs have the ability to bring a room together, making everything look cohesive. Do your best not to use smaller rugs in a room less than 8 feet by 10 feet. Your rug should be sticking out from your sofa by a few inches. Decorative knick-knacks and lamps can add just the right amount of personality.

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