Mold is a type of fungus that grows and spreads on damp services and materials.

Professional mold remediation service is required when the mold has spread extensively. The video shows how to prepare for mold remediation services:

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The source of the wetness or dampness will need to be found. This means they may need to take out baseboards and carpets.
2. They will then contain the room which contains the source of the dampness. They will install containment around the doors and AC vents.
3. The professionals will don a PPE suit to protect them from respiratory and skin issues.
4. An air purification device will then be used to trap airborne mold spores.
5. All furniture and fixtures affected will be removed and bagged within the containment area. The trash bags are then properly sealed.
6. A HEPA vacuum is then used on the affected areas.
7. The rest of the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using detergent and the area is dried using a fan.
8. Once dry, the fittings are installed, and the area is vacuumed and sanitized.

Research and select a reputable and experienced mold remediation service provider for extensive mold issues.

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