Illinois equipment rental

Are you interested in tools for rent? Doing your own home updating projects can be extremely rewarding — not to mention save you a load of cash — but might not be worth it if you have to fork over an arm and a leg to buy the best equipment to get the work done. Using equipment rentals gives you the best of both worlds: you save the money doing the work yourself, and also save the money of not investing in expensive equipment you’ll never need again.

Of course, with any major purchase, not all tools for rent are exactly the same. You could end up spending way more on your rental tools than you need to. Or worse, if the tools for rent are in bad shape or poor quality, it could have an impact on the job you’re trying to get done. Using tools for rent that are in bad shape could even be dangerous to your safety. This is why you should always do your homework and make sure the rental tool provider you use is worth the money. To save yourself a world of hassle, check out our list of things to consider before choosing a tool rental company, below.

Three Things To Look for in a Tool Rental Company

  1. A good tool rental company gives you a bill upfront.
    When you’re working with commercial equipment, the there are so many factors involved that you’ll most likely be subject to a few incidental fees. Fuel surcharges, service costs, administrative fees, taxes, and environmental fees are all par for the course. However, an unsavory company might try to use an unbelievable rate to attract you, and then when you return the rental tools, slap you with a bill that looks nothing like the estimate. The classic bait and switch.

    Before you load the rental equipment into your truck, make sure you know what fees you’ll be subject to and what your total bill is going to be. Get this number in writing, to ensure there aren’t any surprises when you return the goods.

  2. A good tool company makes safety a priority.

    If you’ve ever worked in an industrial setting, you know how powerful and potential dangerous commercial equipment can be. Even professionals who work with heavy machinery on a daily basis can hurt themselves if they don’t make safety the utmost priority. Consider the heightened danger that you may not have the experience of a professional, to know how to stay safe while operating heavy equipment.

    A good tool rental provider understands the potential risk of putting heavy equipment in the hands of novices and takes extra precautions to keep you safe. You should be given training on how to handle the equipment safely. You should be provided with safety accessories like gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and ear plugs. If safety is not a serious consideration for the tool rental provider, you might want to keep going.

  3. A good tool company provides their deposit policy before you pay.

    No matter what tool rental provider you use, you can expect to be subject to a deposit. The equipment you’re taking home is worth thousands of dollars. The tool provider needs to be able to use something as collateral so that you can’t take their goods and make way for the Canadian border (We’re completely confident you would never do this anyways, but because there are people in the world who would, it’s a necessary part of the business.). However, a trustworthy tool rental provider isn’t going to use the deposit to squeeze a little juice out of you. Before you put the deposit on the line, make sure you understand exactly what would make you subject to lose your deposit.

    Bonus: It’s even better if the provider offers an insurance policy you take out on it. It might cost a few extra bucks, but protects you in case you damage the equipment while using it.

Rental equipment fills an important gap for a home DIYer. You’re able to do home projects yourself, without having to own the equipment needed to do them. However, before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know who you’re renting from.

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