Commercial boilers

Whenever the summer rolls around once again as it does every year, many homeowners expect that it’s time to cool off with air conditioning. Unfortunately, as the temperature rises, so does energy use; after all, heating and cooling systems make up approximately forty-eight percent of the energy use in the average American household. It becomes all the more important, then, to make sure that when it comes to your heating and cooling systems especially, that you have the right equipment for your home.

In our modern America, over two-thirds of households have some form of air conditioning. They might have a simple air conditioning unit or a complete central air conditioning system. The key to keeping them running well is regular maintenance. Air conditioning services that entail regular upkeep of the system are a good bet. The right equipment with the right service plan can keep your home cool all throughout the warmest months.

Americans will spend upwards of $11 billion on air conditioning costs, making sure they are not only running correctly and efficiently but also that they will last for many summers to come.

It is indeed important to have the right equipment for the summer months, but when the winter months make their presence known, the heating system is what takes front and center, vying for control of a homeowner’s attention. The most common and arguably the most efficient heating fuel is natural gas. Over half of the country agrees, with 57% of homes utilizing the system. The right equipment for this form of heating for home and business can ensure a consistent and thorough heating experience.

In today’s market with today’s standards, efficiency plays a key role in determining if you have the right equipment for your building. The lowest efficiency rating allowed with a gas furnace is 78% and many of the newer models can reach an efficiency rate of 97%. That is almost total efficiency. Not many other modes of heating or cooling can match that kind of efficiency.

With all of the homes in America vying for the right equipment for heating and cooling, it is also important to think of the other spaces in our lives that need the same type of systems. Our places of business, hospitals, and other public places have the same concerns when it comes to heating and cooling. To keep some of these large areas warm in the winter and cool in the summer takes an enormous amount of energy. That makes keeping the costs to a minimum and the efficiency to a premium.

Having the right equipment is a perfect place to begin, but just like in a home, the equipment must be maintained in order to provide the same with efficiency for the long haul. With proper maintenance, most of the new models of heating and cooling systems can last for quite a long time.

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