There are plenty of strange and mysterious substances in the world. That make up our world, to clarify. We don’t often stop to think about how the world is constructed or what is constructed of. Those of us who aren’t chemists or physicists don’t, anyway. But the entire universe is made up of an endless array of fascinating and interesting materials that we never stop to think about. In fairness to many of us, some of these amazing substances and items are very far away from anything we will ever be able to see. For example, right now, in space, there is a planet where it rains gigantic diamonds. This might sound like something right out of science fiction but astronomers and exoplanet hunters have recently discovered a large gas giant planet where the exact colors and size make it clear that the planet is made of a few key heavy elements. Carbon is one of them and the size of the planet leaves no room for error in the calculations of its orbital pull. With so much carbon in its dense atmosphere and so much pressure from the outside and inside, there is little doubt that there are many diamonds within its cloud structures and large ones at that. The carbon collects in storms and is squeezed until it is hardened into diamonds which astronomers estimate must be extremely and bizarrely large. Though we may never get to see these enormous diamonds being formed, we can still marvel at the immense power of the universe and what it means to live in such a diverse place. You don’t have to go far out into the universe, however, to see some amazing substances and scientific curiosities. There are plenty of those right here on earth if you just look hard enough. On Earth, in fact, so far, we have actually made one of coldest temperatures in the universe, hovering just a few fractions of a degree above absolute zero. This sounds crazy, especially with how large the universe is, but, as far as we know, there is no spot in the universe that is as cold as some of the ones we’ve created in laboratories. But you don’t even need to go deep into laboratories to see some amazing science and substances being played with. You just have to look outside.
The Amazing Story of Water
In our world today, we don’t have occasion to think about water, let alone where it comes from and where it goes. We don’t even think about the benefits of water softeners, the difference between a water softener and filtration system, how to get a complete water softening system, how to work a reverse osmosis system or where to find a whole house water softener or even what hard or soft water is. We tend to take water for granted but, even when we need a whole house water softener, we just turn on the sink and forget. But we really shouldn’t. Whether we are looking for a whole house water softener or not, water is an amazing substance that is all around us. It compromises so much of our bodies, it is everywhere in the ground and air. It makes up most of our planet and we would not be able to survive without it. Water is not even exclusive to Earth although we used to think it was. There are enormous clouds of water vapor in space, so large that they would dwarf the earth in size. Water is everywhere in the universe and we would do well to think about it once in a while. Even the story of how liquid water ended up covering so much of the Earth is interesting, in it’s own way. Long before the whole house water softener existed, the Earth was mostly dry and hot and parched but early microorganisms started to seed the atmosphere with oxygen which gradually changed its composition. It took billions of years and endless centuries but eventually the process was complete and liquid water covered most of the Earth’s surface where it hadn’t before. In this way, we don’t even think about how integral water has been to life since the beginning of our planet.

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