There’s no doubt that a clean home makes for a happy home. However, cleaning a very dirty house can be quite an undertaking. One look around, and you’re already thinking of giving up before you even start. However, with the right tips and approach, you can have your home looking and feeling clean in no time. Here are 13 surprising tips on how to clean a very dirty house.

1. Get Organized

Our first tip on how to clean a very dirty house is to get organized. Adopting a systematic approach will make the process easier to manage and guarantee you get everything done. Start by creating a cleaning plan. It may be as straightforward as a list of to-dos or as intricate as outlining each stage of the cleaning process. Prioritize the areas in your home that need cleaning the most.

Next, list the tools and supplies you’ll need to get the job done. Once you’ve completed your list, start gathering the items in one place. Having everything you need for cleaning in one portable location, whether it be a caddy, bucket, or bag, makes the job much easier. While cleaning, you won’t have to spend time hunting for tools, allowing you to focus on the main task. You may need to head to the store to get some supplies, but you should already have most of them in your home.

Ask friends and family for help. Cleaning a very dirty house is no easy feat, and having an extra hand can make all the difference. Delegating cleaning tasks to others will speed up the process and ensure you get everything done.

Be sure to designate an area for waste and debris that comes about as a result of the cleaning process. Doing this will make removing debris and keeping your cleaning area organized much easier. It can be as simple as a bin or a trash bag.

You should also think about the services you may need. For example, if your home is dirty due to damages caused by a storm, you’ll need to call in a storm damage repair company before you can start moving things. This will help with your insurance claim and keep you safe.

You may also need trailer services. These services can haul your belongings to storage in preparation for cleaning your very dirty home. They can also help you transport debris and other items cluttering your home, making cleaning and organizing your space easier. If you’re cleaning the home in preparation for a move, you’ll need to contact a moving company.

Before diving into cleaning a very dirty house, take some time to put together a comprehensive plan. With a systematic approach, the right tools and supplies, and a little help from your friends and family, you’ll soon have a clean home.

2. Start With the Basics

One of the best tips for how to clean a very dirty house is to start with the basics. This entails tackling tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces before diving into more complicated tasks such as drain cleaning or water mitigation. Always start from the topmost part of your home and work your way down to prevent dirt and debris from settling in places you’ve already cleaned.

Starting with the basics offers several benefits. These tasks get rid of most of the dirt and debris in your home, which helps reveal other areas that need further attention. This approach also creates a sense of accomplishment early on in the undertaking, helping you stay motivated for the more demanding tasks.

When you first step into a very dirty house, the prospect of cleaning can be intimidating. However, breaking down the process into small, manageable steps will make it easier to tackle. By starting with the basics, you’ll make faster progress.

3. Listen To Music

Listening to music is another great tip for how to clean a very dirty house. If you’re like most people, cleaning isn’t something you necessarily look forward to. You need to find a way of keeping your energy levels high so you can tackle the task efficiently.

Music can instantly make any activity enjoyable. It creates a sense of rhythm and structure which can help keep your cleaning pace steady. Music also offers a distraction from the tedious and monotonous nature of the cleaning process, making the task more enjoyable.

You can use music as a way of timing yourself. Whether you prefer listening to calming instrumentals or fast-tempo dance tracks, music can set the tone for your cleaning session. If you’re not in the mood for music, you can listen to a podcast on YouTube as you declutter and scrub away.

4. Set a Realistic Time Frame

Your search history is probably filled with searches on ‘how to clean your house fast.’ However, you need to be realistic. Set a time frame while factoring in how much cleaning your home requires, or if it needs repairs such as asphalt repair, and how much time you can dedicate to cleaning. Instead of saying you’ll complete the job in a certain amount of time, set smaller, more manageable objectives to avoid overworking yourself and giving up altogether. Celebrate each small win to stay motivated.

5. Purge Ruthlessly

The less stuff you have, the less stuff you need to clean and organize. Keep your ‘donate’ box close by as you clean. If you come across stuff you haven’t used in the past year or even thought about it, consider throwing it away or donating it. Be honest with yourself. Unless it holds sentimental value, it’s likely not useful to you anymore.

You may come across an item that doesn’t have a home and needs one, but you’re confused about where to put it. That’s where a ‘handle later’ pile/bag/box comes into play. If it’s something you can find a home for real quick, do that. If you find yourself thinking about it too much, set it aside for later.

6. Perform One Special Task Per Day

Everyone has chores they need to get done every day. Maybe you always mop the floor after dinner or do the dishes and wipe your countertops. Consider adding one special chore to your normal routine to make this major undertaking more manageable. For instance, you can dust the living room one day and clean a bathroom the next. Whatever the chore, doing one special task per day will reduce the burden.

7. Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Air duct cleaning is an important part of how to clean a very dirty house. Your home’s air ducts circulate air throughout the house, and if they’re dirty, they can lower your indoor air quality. Mold, allergens, and other hazardous particles may be present in the air ducts. These particles can cause allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems, which can be particularly dangerous for people who already have health issues.

Since clogged air ducts impede the flow of air, they can reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system. This translates to higher energy bills. Air duct cleaning is an affordable way of keeping your home clean

8. Clean Handles, Doorknobs, and Light Switches

Doorknobs, light switches, and handles are some of the most overlooked components in a home when cleaning unless the dirt is obvious. However, people constantly touch these items throughout the day, bringing germs from outside into your home. Consider how often your kids use the restroom without washing their hands or how often they cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. When making your plan for how to clean a very dirty house, don’t forget to include wiping down the handles, doorknobs, and light switches to prevent the spread of viruses and germs you may not even be aware of.

9. Clean Your Garbage Cans

Cleaning your garbage cans is a critical aspect of how to clean a very dirty house. You should clean your garbage cans for a number of reasons. No matter how many times you empty your garbage cans, they’ll emit unpleasant odors. This can make staying in your home quite uncomfortable. Cleaning your garbage cans will keep your home smelling fresh and free from unpleasant orders.

Garbage cans can create a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and germs. When not cleaned, they pose a significant health hazard for your home’s regular occupants. Regularly clean with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Cleaning your garbage cans will also eliminate the buildup of dirt and grime, which can be damaging to the can over time. Unkempt garbage cans can also ruin a home’s visual appeal, so cleaning them will do some good for your home’s aesthetic.

10. Don’t Forget the Appliances

Cleaning appliances is an important part of how to clean a very dirty house. Appliances tend to get covered in dirt and grime over time. This not only reduces their useful life and compromises their overall performance and efficiency, but also poses a health risk as they provide a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

Cleaning your appliances will restore their functionality and efficiency. For example, cleaning your oven’s exterior and interior components will eliminate any buildup of grease, which is a fire hazard, and help food cook evenly. Cleaning your refrigerator’s coils and grills will help it run more efficiently.

Cleaning your appliances also makes your home healthier for your family to live in by eliminating breeding zones for germs and bacteria. Some of these can cause severe allergic reactions in your home’s occupants. Finally, having clean appliances will make your home look and feel cleaner, enhancing the overall ambiance of your home.

11. Work With Professionals

Whether you’re planning to move in the near future or simply looking to improve your home’s appearance, working with professionals is one of the most valuable tips for how to clean a very dirty house. Professionals will provide you with the support you need to clean your home.

For instance, a realtor can be a valuable resource when cleaning your home in preparation for a sale. They’ll recommend cleaning and repair services that know what needs to be done to ensure you get the best price for your home. You can also benefit from their network of moving businesses that can help pack and haul your belongings. If you work from home, they can also recommend office cleaning companies who know their way around cleaning different office equipment.

12. Clean Baseboards

Cleaning baseboards is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of how to clean a very dirty house. Baseboards are typically located in high-traffic rooms and tend to accumulate grime, dust, and dirt over time. This detracts from a home’s visual appeal.

Cleaning baseboards will not only improve your home’s appearance but also help maintain a healthy indoor environment. The buildup of grime, dust, and dirt can attract pests and allergens that can cause health issues for your home’s occupants. By cleaning your baseboards, you’ll be making your home a healthier and safer place to live. Cleaning will also prolong the useful life of your baseboards and the finish or paint on them.

13. Reward Yourself

After completing each task, be sure to reward yourself with something you enjoy, like a drink, a snack, or watching one episode of your favorite show. You can also simply take a moment to acknowledge the task you’ve completed and feel proud of your accomplishment. Consider taking a photo to keep the memory. It can serve as motivation for the other tasks you need to tackle.

Considering it’s where we spend most of our time, everyone deserves to have a clean and healthy home. If you feel like cleaning your home is too much to handle, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you last cleaned your house; you can make it look and feel brand new. Use these tips on how to clean a very dirty house for the best results

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