Hardwood floor installation

When’s the last time you replaced your flooring? A good floor is thought to be the most durable part of the home, but reality dictates a carpet and flooring installation is a more frequent necessity than you might first imagine. Carpets can become moldy and worn out, wood can become thin and brittle — it’s a real chore! Thankfully, a laminate flooring installation is an affordable process that can see the lifespan of your floor greatly extended. It can even affect your physical health! If you’re looking for your next big (or small) project, consider looking into carpet and flooring installation. From linoleum to hardwood to thin and thick carpets, there’s a texture and material for every lifestyle, season and aesthetic.

Homeowning Projects

Homeowners have their work cut out for them. From installing new doors to double-checking working sewage systems, keeping a home in tip-top shape is a full-time job in of itself. A Houzz survey saw nearly 40% of homeowners planning on carpeting their master bedroom, although another 34% looked forward to a new hardwood flooring. Actively maintaining missing tiles or chipped paint can become frustrating in the long-term and sometimes it’s just simpler to do a full replacement. A good floor, quite literally, undercuts everything you do and can turn a mediocre home into a stunning one. But which floor covering is right for you?

Carpets And Materials

Did you know that a good carpet can affect your health? It’s true! Swedish studies suggested that carpets play a major role in common allergens — when carpet usage was decreased by 70%, allergic reactions actually increased in the general population. Although a dusty or moldy carpet can aggravate a sensitive nose, installing a hypoallergenic carpet and keeping it clean will help in trapping pollen and dander. A thin carpet can be easier to clean, while a thick carpet can retain heat better. Carpet designs and patterns come in a wide variety of styles and colors, to boot, so you can stay healthy in style.

Hardwood And Tiles

Last on this list, but certainly not least, we have ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring. These beautiful and gleaming additions to your home can add a sense of style without being too expensive or difficult to install. They’re also very easy to clean, so it’s small wonder why they remain the most popular option. A whopping 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood or tile in their kitchens, with half of all homeowners preferring wood flooring throughout their home. Linoleum, made from dried and milled flax seeds, is 100% biodegradable and perfect for homeowners looking to get more eco-friendly in their renovations. If you’re looking to increase your ROI, it’s been found by the National Association of REALTORS that half of all home buyers would pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

Installing A New Floor

Whether it’s a laminate flooring installation or replacing a few missing tiles in your bathroom, maintaining your floor will keep your house beautiful and your health in the best shape its ever been. The benefits of hardwood installation include easy maintenance and a classy sheen, while a new carpet installation can be prime for discouraging pesky allergies and keeping the place warm during the colder months. A new carpet or flooring installation can be done within a few days and will last for many years to come, though if you’re only looking for a touch-up expect a few hours at the very most. With a new laminate flooring installation or state-of-the-art carpet, it’s hard to go wrong.

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