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It’s going to get hot soon. Is your air conditioning system up to par? While it can be easy to neglect your HVAC over the colder seasons, once the summer season rolls around you’re going to have a few different aspects to contend with as you make your home as comfortable as possible. Dirty filters, safety measures and energy-hungry models are just the tip of the iceberg with the average homeowner or businessowner’s air conditioning system. If you’re looking for some advice to get you started with your local air conditioning company, below are the top five issues you should look over before getting a potential air conditioning replacement.

Check Your Model

Did you know two-thirds of all homes in the United States have at least one air conditioner system? Additional studies have shown around 20% of the homes built before the 1980’s have air conditioning equipment that’s well over 20 years old — when you consider how fast technology evolves, you can imagine as to the issues these ancient HVAC systems can bring the American homeowner. An air conditioning company can not just check the efficiency of your model, but can recommended superior AC services to save you money.

Reduce Your Electricity

Want to save money? You may need to replace your model entirely. Air conditioners have been found to use around 5% of the electricity produced across the entire country, with the annual cost for homeowners reaching $11 billion yearly. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners as well as taking other actions to keep your home cool (such as using better window models) can reduce your energy bill by as much as 20%.

Remove Any Dust

You’ll be using your air conditioning a lot this spring and summer. Not only is it vital to regulate temperature, it’s a boon to anyone suffering from the seasonal pollen and dander floating around in the air. Excessive dust is often a sign of leaky ducts and filters have to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the air in your home clean. ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioners are explicitly designed to have higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios than most models on the market, with saving ratings as high as 15% for homeowners and businessowners.

Always Stay Safe

An inefficient air conditioning model isn’t just an issue for your energy bill and constitution. It can actually put you at an increased risk for fire. The year 2010 saw air conditioning, fans and related accessories involved in over 7,000 American home structure fires. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning out dirty ducts or replacing frayed wires, can prevent these fires easily. Air conditioning repair can easily pinpoint dangerous elements in your air conditioning unit and offer advice for the future.

Call An Air Conditioning Company

When your air conditioning doesn’t work as well as it used to or is spraying dust all over your living room, it’s time to contact an air conditioning company. Replacing any given central air conditioning equipment, particularly ones that are over 15 years old, can do wonders for improving efficiency and saving you money int he long-term. Your cooling or heating equipment will become less efficient over time due to age, with the physical life of any HVAC equipment sometimes longer than its economic life. With spring around the corner, now’s never been a better time than to ask for some good, old-fashioned AC repair.

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