One of the most common events that helps save land space, especially landfill space, is recycling. Recycling can be completed from so many more locations than the home, and from all of those places, it helps to maintain our earth, slowly but surely.

Some of the Best Reasons to Recycle

It has often just been assumed that recycling is a better option than simply throwing away our garbage. However, it is important to know the many reasons why this has been determined to be the case:

  1. About one ton of recycled cardboard saves up to nine cubic yards of landfill space.
  2. Waste management takes place in up to 20 different industries.
  3. Average recycling cost is $30 per ton versus $50 per ton to dispose of garbage.
  4. The waste industry refers to the “three R’s” as reduce, reuse, and recycle, which are those able to help save the environment.
  5. The United Nations also found that between 25 and 55 percent of waste from large cities is collected by municipal authorities.

Recycling as Part of Residential Waste Pickup

Because of the valuable nature of recycling, it has become required by many local waste management companies. In other locations, it has become a service included with the waste pickup that residents purchase on a monthly basis, in hopes of at least encouraging a rise in the choice to separate recyclable waste.

In the cities where waste pickup involves a legal requirement, sometimes there is the check of whether or not recyclable materials are actually separated from the disposables. There are actually fees accrued by those who don’t make the effort to follow this requirement.

Unfortunately, there are still some places where recycling is not included with waste management or waste pickup. While that may not be an overwhelming number of locations, there is still an importance of hopefully bringing recycling into those locations. It may be more important to have this service at least available across the world, where we have the ability to bring the message of the “three R’s” to everyone. This may even include those who do not find the value of “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” because of the fact that they don’t worry about the quality of life on earth after they are gone. Hopefully, we will all soon be working as the family of man in the near future to make these improvements with steps like recycling.

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