When you have children, it never quite dawns on you at first the importance of cabinet security. However, 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms are remodeling every year and your next remodel will allow you to invest in quality of life changes that can protect your children from harming themselves with dangerous utensils and keeping them away from hazardous environments.

Kitchen remodeling typically consists of three different parts working in tandem: cabinets, counters and floors. As for cabinets, you will be spending about 40 percent to 50 percent on just cabinets, mainly because cabinets can be considered a center piece; it will be one of the first details you and your guests see. It is the majority of costs on kitchen cabinets that make the expected demand of kitchen cabinets to reach $17.1 billion by the time 2021 comes to the United States. Not to mention, at any given time, 14 percent of homeowners are planning to remodel or improve their kitchens to some degree.

Cabinet security comes in many forms. If you have children, investing in drawer locks keeps wandering hands from reaching knives, forks and other dangerous utensils. Cabinet latches and cabinet locks keep children from banging away on kitchen pots and pans. Invisible cabinets, cabinets that have no handles, completely hide the fact that anything can be explored at all. They wouldn’t even notice! Many cabinets can even come with designated spaces for trash bins and recycling so your kids aren’t caught diving or chewing on garbage.

As for bathrooms, you’ll be looking at a remodeling bill to the tune of $11,700, and that’s just the average. So, if you’ll be spending that kind of money on a bathroom remodel, you might as well invest a little more on childproof locks, or some kind of preventative measure like a cover over the doorknob or a hook-and-eye lock that is placed way up high on the door. If your children somehow makes it into the bathroom, sometimes it seems by magic, you can invest in toilet locks. Why? Well, for starters, toilets are filled with germs and many of parents have found their children splashing in the toilet bowl. The more alarming outcome is diving head first into the toilet. This is because children tend to be top-heavy; one peak over the toilet bowl and they could easily lose their balance.

The same methods of cabinet security used on sharp utensils can be done with bathroom items: razors, medications, cosmetics, even tweezers and nail clippers and blow-dryers and curling irons. Lock them in a closet and locked in a medicine cabinet.

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