Rain gutters are designed to do a certain job, and there is no doubt when they fail at performing their job. Properly cleaning gutters, twice a year, and replacing them when needed can keep house floods from happening. Clogged and damaged gutters are the number one cause of water in the basement. Knowing when to replace your gutters and get new gutters can help keep your home water free and keep you worry free. Replacing old worn out gutters with new gutters offers homeowners choices though. Typically the old gutters came with the house, so homeowners are not quite sure of all their options when it comes to new gutters. Read below to see the difference in gutters and what makes them different.


Vinyl gutters are by far the easiest to install for homeowners. They have a high resistance when it comes to rusting or corroding, meaning homeowners can rest assured that they will last a while. They are fairly cheap which could be one characteristic that draws homeowners to them. These types of gutters don’t withstand cold weather very well as frozen water can cause them to buckle and break.


Steel gutters are strong and perfectly suited for weather climates which include freezing water inside of the gutters. These gutter come in a variety of options and can be painted to match the house, or to match a color change on your house. These gutters are heavy and incredibly durable, but they are not for someone wanting to install gutters themselves due to their weight. They price for these gutters is a little more than other materials, but they will last a long time.


Copper gutters hole benefits themselves compared with other materials. They are incredibly durable to rust meaning corrosion won’t be a problem. They don’t need to be painted because the copper color is a great accent. Properly installed new gutters made of copper can easily last up to 100 years giving homeowners peace of mind knowing their choice of new gutters will last throughout the years. these gutters can be more pricey than other options, but seriously if they are going to last 100 years you can’t expect them to be cheap.


Wood gutters are pretty much close to being extinct. This material was used many many years ago, before other materials were discovered. Wood gutters are typically made with cedar and redwood. The main time this material is used is when historic houses are being renovated or historic buildings. During this process materials as close to the original take precedence. Not only are wood gutters not popular, they are incredibly pricey as well.


Aluminum gutters are cost efficient and lightweight just as vinyl gutters are. The main difference between vinyl and aluminum is how well they resist weather. Aluminum gutters can handle all different types of weather situations unlike vinyl. They can withstand cold weather better and hold their shape and durability. They can be painted to match the color of the house and hold paint well. The only con to aluminum gutters is that homeowners should take care not to dent them. Tree branches falling or ladders being placed against them can cause dents which can cause clogs.

New gutters can be stylish while serving their purpose. The vast variety homeowners have to choose from makes it easy to find perfect gutters for your needs and your home. No matter whether you are looking for maximize costs and save money or you want the best look for your house, consider all the materials that gutters are made of before making your decision.

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