If you’re a homeowner who does a lot of DIY home repair projects, you know the value of using the right professional tools. This is especially true for large projects, like the ones involving your roof. Whether you’re considering a DIY roofing repair or a full roof replacement, you need to have a full set of the tools roofers use to get the job done right.

The video posted on this page shows everything that is needed in a professional roofing tool starter kit.

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These tools include familiar tools like measuring tapes, gloves, and hammers. You also need a strong utility blade with a hook and a good pair of tin snips. These tools will allow you to cut through tough roofing materials including shingles and flashing.

Additionally, you should consider including a chalk line to create neat, straight lines that will guide your work. This is especially important when installing a new roof, but it can be useful when doing large roof repairs as well.

Once you have assembled your starter kit of roofing tools, you should be able to handle projects that professional roofers typically take on. But if your project is too intimidating, reaching out to professionals is always a safe option.

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