Water leak detection

If you’re living in an area that has experienced flooding due to recent storms, it’s possible that your home has been affected. When you have interior water damage, there may also be mold present, which will call for mold removal.

The Effects of Flash Floods

After wildfires, floods are the most prevalent form of natural disaster in the United States. When a president declares a state of emergency due to a natural disaster, 90% of these declarations are due to some level of flooding.

During a flash flood, there can be walls of water that range from 10 to 20 feet high. When this water enters a home, it can have a devastating effect.

Once the water settles into a home, it can cause significant damage to the floors, walls, and personal property. When a sheet of drywall is is sitting in just 1/2 inch of water, it can soak up to 6 inches of water in under 3 hours.

Mold can develop relatively fast in an untreated moist environment. It can, for example, begin to grow in 24 to 48 hours. Mold remediation and removal will be necessary, as in addition to being unsightly, it can pose health hazards.

Insurance Claims and Catastrophic Situations

Many insurance companies provide 24-hour emergency hotlines when there is a catastrophic situation or event such as a flash flood. Approximately 20% of all insurance claims are the result of some type of water damage, which includes non-natural disaster situations such as home water leaks.

The insurance company, FloodSmart, reports that water damage can potentially cost over $50,000. This figure is based on 12 inches of water damage in a 2,000 square foot home.

Insured Losses and Natural Disasters

Winter storms, cold waves, heat waves, wildfires, and drought all contributed to Americans experiencing significant losses during 2015. These losses, which totaled $16.1 billion, were higher than for 2014, which were $15.3 billion, according to Munich Re.

The 2015 insured losses are as follows for each category:

  • Winter storms and cold waves: $3.5 billion
  • Severe thunderstorms: $9.6 billion
  • Wildfires, heat waves, and drought: $1.9 billion
  • If you have home water damage due to flash floods or a water leak, you will want to have that taken care of as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have experienced a fire due to local wildfires or other causes, then you will need house fire damage repair. After a house fire, you may have also sustained water damage as a result of putting out the fire.

    Whether you need professional assistance with house fire damage repair and restoration or interior water damage repair and mold cleanup, there are services available. When disasters occur, it is obviously a difficult and unsettling time. When you have a professional team repair and restore your home with house fire damage repair and other types of services, it can help return a sense of normalcy.

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