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According to some estimates, more than 70% of American home owners plan investing time, money, and energy into home improvement projects this year. Of that group, around 42% are going to do the work themselves and dive into DIY projects. While there are lots of DIY home repairs and renovations that you could try to complete to upgrade both the value and comfort of your home, building a new bar can be one of the more fun ideas. Whether you simply like to make nice cocktails to enjoy with your significant other after a long day of work or host big parties every weekend, completing some awesome DIY home bar plans is a great way to upgrade your home.

In California, 63% of homeowners are planning on investing in home improvement jobs, making it the state with the most prospects for additions and other projects. What better state for a new bar in a home than California? Pool parties can be held throughout the year because of the warm climate, and a nice tiki bar outside can help make sure that everyone has fun. Whether you have a bunch of friends who just like to sip tasty microbrews or ones who prefer fruity drinks that go well with the sunshine, having a well-stocked bar is a great way to make pool parties more fun.

Some 84% of planned improvements are for decorative purposes, and around 40% of improvements in the United States are room additions. There are lots of projects that happen to fall into both categories, and some DIY home bar plans do. If you have a small basement or living room that is perfect for hosting – except for the fact that the booze is in the other room – then building a little add-on complete with a bar can be a good idea. Though that kind of project might be cumbersome compared to some other DIY home improvements, it can certainly add more comfort and luxury.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of DIY home bar plans that you can choose from. As mentioned before, tiki bars by the pool and even small rooms can be good, but there are lots of different choices. Finished wood bars placed in the corner of a living room, or even the office, can be a simple option, and a countertop in the kitchen could always be converted, especially if it overlooks the living room. The possibilities for home bars are virtually endless, and can be tweaked to fit specific homes, but adding can always be a fun way to boost the value and functionality of your home.

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