Vertical blinds

JFK. John Rockefeller. Winston Churchill. Eleanor Roosevelt. Leonardo DaVinci. Thomas Edison.

All had great minds, were innovative, ahead of their time, and highly influential to those around them. But while the perception might be that they were constantly at work, they were all also well-known for their napping habits. No, taking a nap is not just reserved for hungover frat stars. In fact, the idea of a siesta is predicated on the fact that breaking up your day with a little afternoon snooze can actually increase productivity. But whether you had a rough night or want to make sure you can get through your “Honey-Do” list, finding the best window blinds to keep the sun out of your bedroom or living room when you want some shuteye is a must.

Because every home is unique, and every homeowner will have different priorities, there isn’t necessarily one option for the best window blinds. However, there are several great options that help keep the sun out of your eyes and make catching a little sleep on the couch much easier. Vertical blinds, wooden plantation shutters, and even classic curtains with a thicker material all have their benefits and, if used properly, can turn a bright living room into a quiet, dark, sleeping haven.

If you are thinking of upgrading, there are a few things to look for if you want to make sure the sun never stops your naps. The material will always be important, since items that are too thin will let the light through even when they are closed, so going with thick fabric or wood is smart. Plus, you will have to make sure that window treatments cover all of the glass. And, if customization is your priority and you enjoy the natural light from time to time, then the best window blinds will have adjustable features.

Though some might think that napping is just a sign of laziness, sometimes, hitting the couch and catching a little extra shuteye is the only way to get through your day. Whether that’s because you worked hard all morning and need a break or partied even harder the night before, a little snooze on the couch is always good for recharging. In fact, some of the best minds ever made napping a priority. However, without the right blinds or window treatments keeping the sun out of your eyes, taking a nap might be next to impossible. Because of that, taking the time to find the best option will always prove to be worthwhile.

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