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Solar panel tracker

Are you looking for a better way to utilize energy for your home or business? You may just find that investing in solar racking systems or solar panel mounts is the best way to go.

Throughout the world, about 400 quads worth of solar energy are utilized on an annual basis. Statistic Brain reports that solar energy use internationally will typically increase by 102% per year.

That said, the resource of solar energy is vastly underutilized, accounting for only 0.7% of global energy use, according to Statistic Brain. In America, there are 1,650 MW of solar panel systems. But why does it make sense to use solar power as an alternative source of energy?

For one, it is more environmentally conscious. It is approximated that relying on solar power saves about 75 million oil barrels each and every year. Over time, using solar racking systems or other similar procedures can save you money on energy bills. Furthermore, solar energy is much more “renewable” that conventional means of getting energy.

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