Walk in bath tubs

A walk in bathtub is perfect for many people who have some type of mobility issue. Though some people might think they will lose some of their independence when they have a mobility issue, today there are products that help make this loss of mobility much less of an issue that it used to be in the days past.

Some of the more common reasons why a person might have limited mobility, and, thus, can benefit greatly from walk in bath tubs, include arthritis, strokes, multiple sclerosis and paralysis. Any of the medical conditions can make it difficult for an individual to left their legs safely in order to enter the tub. Having a walk in bathtub installed can make a huge difference when it comes to both independence and safety.

Installing a walk in bathtub is only the first step when it comes to making a house suitable for someone with a limited amount of mobility. Non slip mats on the floor near the entrance to walk in tubs are a must. These will help prevent any falls that could occur due to water on the floor.

In many cases, when a walk in bathtub is installed, there are already built in non slip strips or material of some type. If the tub does not have these safety devices, it is important to invest in some before the tub is used for the first time. In addition, having grab bars and handles installed in strategic locations allows the individual to have a sturdy place in which to grab when they are entering or exiting the tub area. Using these safety items, in conjunction with a walk in bathtub, can make the bathing experience safe and secure, even for those people who have issues with being limited in their mobility.

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