“More than 3 in 4 Americans (78%) have honed their home improvement skills during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Yahoo! Finance writes. During these trying months, the top reasons to renovate include gaining a sense of purpose and accomplishment and spending quality time with family. An overwhelming 90% feel more accomplished after completing home improvement projects. Just about one-third (29%) use the home renovation process to bond with their family. 52% percent work on home improvements with their spouse or romantic partner, and 29% tackle projects with their children.

What’s more, Yahoo predicts that this newfound enthusiasm for home renovations will continue well into 2021.

If you are using this time to make improvements to your home, start with rooms that get a lot of traffic. Collectively, Americans spend a great deal of time in their kitchens preparing food, cooking meals, and entertaining. Plus, even small kitchen remodels pack a potential return on investment (ROI) of 83%, Remodeling Magazine reveals.

Use these modern kitchen renovation ideas to get started.

First, Hire Professionals If Needed

A full 83% of homeowners tackle modern kitchen renovation ideas and other home improvement projects to enhance their home’s layout and aesthetics. If you wish to improve the appearance of your home and you are starting out with relatively little experience, it can be challenging — and even unwise — to go it alone.

When taking on any home improvements that involve extensive plumbing or electrical re-wiring, it is often best to team up with professionals. For example, a plumbing service can help you rip out your old sink and install a new one, precisely place plumbing and drain lines, and do it all in accordance with the proper building codes.

Choose the best possible professional to help you execute your modern kitchen renovation ideas. To do that:

  • Talk to contractors about COVID-19. These are uncertain times. For the best results, start an open and honest discourse. “Ask the contractor about what precautions it plans to take, its personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and what the contractor expects of the people living in the home,” Forbes recommends.
  • Get specific. When working with a contractor, you will get the most accurate quote and timeline if you know exactly what you plan to do. For example, instead of requesting an estimate to repaint the kitchen, tell contractors how many coats of paint you would like to use and what kind. Semi-gloss or high gloss paints are best for kitchen areas. Be as specific as possible to make sure your renovations live up to your expectations.
  • Be flexible. Remodeling contractors are in high demand right now and, unfortunately, some supplies and materials are low. Plan for delays, and take your time with renovations.
  • Check professionals’ licenses and references. While some things are very different right now, others are not. As always, before working with a contractor, it is wise to check their licenses and ask for references. Use the internet to verify that a contractor’s license is up-to-date. The exact resource you use will vary by state. For example, you can look up this information on New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs webpage or on Pennsylvania’s Office of the Attorney General. Contact people who have worked with the contractors in the past and/or thoroughly vet their portfolio to get a feel for their previous work.

For complex modern kitchen renovation ideas, work with professionals. The help of a professional can save you the trouble of missteps and unnecessary repairs.

1. Expand Your Kitchen and Its Floorplan

Kitchen remodeling contractors can help you make even the loftiest modern kitchen renovation ideas a reality. For instance, with professional help, it is more than possible to expand your kitchen and its floorplan.

A small kitchen can be cumbersome at best. A cramped space may make it difficult to move around, prepare food, and entertain. That is why a great deal of residential remodeling involves expanding the kitchen. Even better, there are several ways to accomplish this task. Here are just a few:

  • Consider a micro addition or bump-out. “If your kitchen is almost, but not quite, the right size, a bump-out or micro addition may be all you need to make the kitchen work well,” Houzz explains. If you wish to expand your kitchen just enough to install a large kitchen island, a small dining area, or a breakfast nook, a bump-out may be the right option for you.
  • Take down walls or dividers. By contrast, if you wish to considerably expand your kitchen and its floorplan, you may want to take down non-weight-bearing walls or dividers to free up space and make more room. Set aside large chunks of time for big expansions. Major renovations, like taking down walls and installing new support, like columns and pillars, can take months. Plan your time accordingly.
  • Create the illusion of more space. If you do not have months to spare or do not wish to tackle an involved home improvement project, there are ways to create the illusion of more space — and make your kitchen look appreciably bigger — without literally expanding it. This can take many forms. Adding large mirrors, painting the ceiling, and removing large ceiling fans can all make your kitchen appear larger. If you remove ceiling fans, used sleek, modern-looking recessed lighting to illuminate your kitchen without unnecessarily sacrificing space.

Modern kitchen renovation ideas range from large to small. If you are feeling ambitious and your kitchen lacks much-needed space, go ahead and tackle that expansion you have always dreamed of.

2. Replace The Sliding Glass Door and Windows for More Natural Lighting

Improvements that fall under modern kitchen renovation ideas — and timeless ones — include any improvements that incorporate more natural lighting.

Why natural lighting? According to House Beautiful, “26% would choose natural light as the ‘must-have’ feature in a home.” Plus, natural light “provides measurable health benefits,” like increasing vitamin D, boosting our mood, and improving sleep, Healthline reveals. Enjoy all of the benefits of natural light while eating and entertaining in your kitchen.

To introduce more natural light into your kitchen:

  • Prioritize window and door installation. Maximize the light in your kitchen by installing modern glass doors or open and inviting glass French doors. Installing roof lights or skylights and/or enlarging existing windows will bring more natural light in.
  • Get picky about curtains, window drapes, and window treatments. Avoid thick, heavy curtains and drapes if you wish to maximize the natural light in your home. Instead, search for curtains specially designed to filter natural light and allow it into the room, or choose decorative, retractable blinds that you can leave open during the day. You may also consider forgoing window treatments altogether and choosing ghost glass, translucent glass, or window films to help soften and filter the light coming in.
  • Purchase an all-glass table. A glass table allows light to pass through. Instead of dulling or absorbing light, a glass table will keep your kitchen looking open, airy, and bright.
  • Invest in white, high-gloss paint. “The higher the gloss level, the higher the light reflectance — more light will bounce off a surface painted with a high gloss paint than one with a matte sheen,” Sherwin-Williams tells The Spruce. Choosing paint with high gloss will result in your walls acting like mirrors and reflecting the most possible light.

Natural light is healthy, visually compelling, and desirable. Work bigger windows, carefully chosen window treatments, and white, high-gloss paint into your modern kitchen renovation ideas.

3. Install New Counter Tops and Consider New Appliances

A list of modern kitchen renovation ideas would be incomplete without a discussion about counter tops and appliances. Choose new counter tops that are beautiful, striking, and practical. Weigh the pros and cons of each counter type.

  • Marble counter tops. Marble looks especially striking paired with gold and bronze accents. It is high-class, chic, and definitively modern. Practically, it is heat-resistant and inexpensive. There are some drawbacks to marble counter tops, however. Marble is an especially porous surface, making it especially susceptible to staining. Red wine, oil, and juice may all leave lasting stains on marble. For high trafficked kitchens with marble counter tops, it may be worthwhile to look into options for sealing these surfaces.
  • Granite counter tops. Granite counter tops have a high aesthetic value. In many cases, no two slabs of granite are exactly the same — making your counter top entirely unique. Even better, granite is easy to clean and eliminates the risks of bacterial contamination. It’s also durable and last years and years, if not decades. The major downside to granite is that you will pay for these perks. It is considerably more expensive than other materials. It will also crack if it is subjected to heavy impacts, like meat cleavers or a large, iron skillet dropped on top of it.
  • For a stain-resistant option, choose quartz counters. Quartz counters look great, hold up well, and are easy to maintain. Unlike other materials, like marble, quartz will not scratch easily. Quartz ranges from cost-effective to surprisingly expensive, and it does not always withstand heat as well as other counter types.

New counters are not the only modern kitchen renovations to consider. If you are replacing your counter tops, it is also wise to weigh the benefits of installing new appliances at the same time.

Install appliances that reflect your style and needs. Stainless steel appliances are an ever-popular choice. They are easy-to-clean, germ-resistant, and they pair well with just about any decor.

Hidden appliances are especially popular this year as well. “Try adding fronts to your appliances that mimic your cabinetry. Refrigerators and dishwashers disappear when clad to match their cabinet cohorts,” Country Living recommends. Homeowners are installing appliances like microwaves in unconventional, hidden places, like directly into their kitchen islands.

4. Reorganize With Exposed Shelves

When mulling over modern kitchen renovation ideas, it is not always necessary to start from scratch. Exposed shelving is chic, charming, and trendy. If your exposed shelves leave something to be desired, consider reorganizing them and redesigning them before replacing them altogether.

In some cases, this may be as simple as reorganizing and rearranging tumblers and Tupperware to be more orderly. In others, you may want to work with a kitchen designer to determine how to best use the available space. To spruce up exposed shelving, consider:

  • Converting shelves into an open pantry. Buy different sized jars and attractive, rustic-looking labels. Place spices, staples (like flour, sugar, beans, and rice), and pantry items, like pasta and cereal, into jars ranging from small to large. Don’t make it too cluttered.
  • Aiming for a minimalist aesthetic. Speaking of avoiding clutter, sometimes less is best. Stack a few plates onto exposed shelves. Arrange a vase and a house plant on the shelves as well and call it a day. Your shelves do not need to be overly full.
  • Using open shelves to create a coffee bar. Add containers with coffee beans, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and more to create an eye-catching coffee bar.

5. Decorate With Some Modern Twists

Finally, when it comes to modern kitchen ideas, make it your own. Make it fun. Incorporate ideas that speak directly to you.

For example, if fresh flowers make you happy, order colorful arrangements from a local flower delivery service to brighten up your kitchen and add a finishing touch. Create a kitchen unlike any other with one-of-a-kind tropical wallpaper. Pair tropical wallpaper with green and brown accents and white walls.

Now is the perfect time to explore modern kitchen renovation ideas and to make your dreams of remodeling your kitchen a reality. Prioritize renovations by identifying your needs first. Do you need a bigger kitchen? Are your outdated appliances no longer serving you? Your list of needs may surprise you. If your kitchen paint is peeling and possibly presenting a hazard to you and your family, new paint or wallpaper may very well become a necessity.

After identifying your needs, move on to what you would like to do. That may involve adding finishing touches, like fresh flowers, or making windows larger to allow more natural light in. With these modern kitchen renovation ideas to get you started, begin designing your dream kitchen today!

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