metal windows and doorsMetal windows and doors aren’t what everyone pictures when they imagine their home. Some might believe that thermal broken hot rolled steel windows are not as suitable as, say, a nice wooden door set in a wooden frame. The appearance of metal windows and doors in a home might strike one as overly industrial for certain living spaces.

However, metal windows and doors offer many advantages over your standard bargain-bin plywood door and cheaply installed windows. Some of these advantages, in fact, might constitute the difference between life and death itself. Here are a few of these advantages.

Fire Safety
Every 85 seconds in 2013, there was one home structure fire reported on average. Fire rated windows will enable you to escape the home quickly and safely in the event of an emergency, and enable firemen to enter the home with a minimum risk of injury.

Energy Loss
Thermal broken steel windows are insulated inside to ensure the maximum insulation against the elements. With anywhere between 15% to 22% of heat loss in a home happening through the windows, this is a great investment to make. Residential steel windows and doors are the minimum you’ll need to ensure that your living space is properly fortified from the cold during those chilly months.

Intruder Prevention
Every 13 seconds, a home intrusion is committed, and about 30% of these intrusions are through an unlocked window or door. Just as it’s important to make sure you can get out through your windows and doors in the event of a fire, you want to be sure you can keep burglars from climbing in through them. Don’t end up regretting your choice of windows and doors when the bad guys come. Make the right choice in advance.

Hopefully these tips will leave you with a desire to get the best windows possible to secure your home against fire, energy loss and intrusion. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you got from this article.

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