Homeowners with a basement have a space with nearly limitless potential. A standard basement can be transformed into an amazing recreational room in just a few easy steps. Rec rooms are so popular that over two-thirds of homeowners on Houzz plan to include a recreational area in their newly-built custom home, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home Survey. Learn how you can make your unused space into one that you won’t leave with these easy tips.


Open Up Your Stairwell


A great basement renovation starts with making the space as open as possible. Most basement designs will feature an enclosed stairwell, but by opening it up you’ll make the space seem larger and you’ll make your basement different from all the others. By installing a banister along the stairwell, you’ll be effectively opening up space while providing the necessary safety features. With this banister, you can also extend it through your stairwell upstairs so that there is an element of continuity through your home.


Choose The Right Ceiling


The ceiling is another key feature that can complete the look of a basement remodeling job. While suspended ceiling used to be the popular choice in basement renovations, they tend to make a basement look even more like a basement, which is typically not the goal of hiring a basement contractor. Instead, consider a tray ceiling. By recessing the center portion of the ceiling, they make your basement look larger than it is.


Upgrade Your Lighting


In the area of home remodeling, having plenty of natural lighting is a major desire for homeowners. While that can be difficult to do in a basement, there are certain tricks that can make basement lighting appear natural. Consider installing special light boxes with photo inserts. These replicate the effects of a skylight in the basement. Alternatively, you can choose interesting light fixtures like can lights or pendant lights to give the space a certain mood. For basement rec rooms that function as bars or craft areas, nailing the right mood is key to enjoying the space.


When you’re planning your basement renovation, don’t limit yourself to the same old designs. Get creative with your choices and do as much as possible to transform the space into exactly what you want.


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