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When people think of pests, they may think of rodents, like rats, or insects, like cockroaches. One animal that may not come to mind immediately is the pigeon. Pigeons populate urban cities and if they decide to make a home in someone’s house or apartment, it can get messy fast. This video shows how one pest controller handles a pigeon infestation.

The infestation is in a high-rise apartment complex in a metropolitan area. The tenants moved out and the apartment was vacated for a while. Pigeons were able to work their way in and they made a mess of the place. Feathers, debris, and bird poop litter the property. There are even egg shells.

It’s a completely uninhabitable apartment and requires a specialist team of pest control experts to rid the home of health hazards and debris. The pest controllers put on heavy-duty personal protection equipment, including masks to protect from toxins from the bird droppings.

They use a heavy-duty chemical to clean everything. In fact, they need a license to be able to use the cleaning solution. They also need to fix the broken window the pigeons broke in through to prevent further infestation.

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