String wound sediment filter

Well water can collect a large amount of harmful, chemical and bacteria harvesting sediment that can be dangerous for human consumption. Well water sediment filters can be installed to eliminate the sediment from making it into the home. The first thing you should know about well water sediment filters is that they come in a variety of types, including pleated sediment filter and string wound sediment filter. The former has the greatest capacity for storing sediment and can also be rinsed and used a second time. The latter also have a high storage capacity but do not last as long as the pleated.

A sediment filter for well water can be easily installed in a couple of hours. Simply find a easily accessible area on the water line, after the pressure tank. Be sure to turn off the tank and run the water until the lines run dry to relieve any pressure. Mark on the wall where you will be placing the filter and follow the instructions supplied supplied with the system. Be sure to run water through the well water sediment filters for a few minutes to make sure the pipes and filter are flushed of all contaminants.

The well water sediment filters will need to be changed periodically, and should therefore be placed in an easy to reach location. After the well water sediment filters are installed, and water has been allowed to run freely through for a few minutes, the water should run clear and be eliminated of contaminants including dirt, sand, grid and turbulent.

Well water sediment filters can be used in any home for any type of well. Depending on the concentration of your typical sediment buildup, you will want to go with a higher capacity filter. This will allow the filter to run longer between cleanings and maintenance.

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