More people than ever are designing a custom home with the purpose of aging in place. According to Custom Builder, up to 50% of clients are considering a home design that will allow them to comfortably age in place as they get older. Homes can be designed with a focus on the future, so how can you design a home in Lewes, DE to meet your changing needs? Keep reading to find out!

Work With a Custom Home Builder

One of the best ways to ensure that your custom-designed home is constructed with the future in mind is to work with a custom home builder that has experience in these specific designs. The right builder will know what it takes to ensure a home is aesthetically pleasing, well thought out, and ensures the occupants can live in it forever without having to make major changes during their retirement.

Openly Communicate With the Designer

Whether this project is your first time planning a custom-built home or you’ve planned a custom home before, it’s very important that you convey transparency on what you want out of the home. It can be difficult to predict the future, but it’s important to think ahead and figure out what you may want to help you age easier. For example, will you need a guest suite for your new home to accommodate any caregivers? Do you want to have your bedroom on the first floor with an added bathroom for convenience?

Openly communicating with the designer about what you think you’ll need in the future from your home design is important. An experienced builder can help you navigate the process and ensure your home is everything that you need and want.

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Function

Building a home where you can age in a place doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style for function. You can have it all. You can have a beautiful home that is designed with the future in mind to help you function better. Don’t give up a gorgeous kitchen. Instead, make it more functional while keeping the aesthetically pleasing factors.

Working with the right custom builder in Lewes, DE will ensure that you get the fully functional, stylish home that you deserve.

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