Conduct annual checks on your boiler if you use it for heating, supply, and maintenance. These checks ensure that your boiler works as it should for its lifetime. The video shows how to go about boiler heating repair and maintenance. Replacing or repairing damaged boilers is a difficult task.

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Annual maintenance checks ensure that you are aware of its functionality and productivity.
The first thing you check is the surface of the boiler. Ensure it is not hot as it may burn or scald your skin. Run your hand all over the surface of the boiler to ensure it is not leaking. For energy efficiency, the boiler must be unobstructed. Move anything around it that may cover or hide it away.
After your visual and physical checks for leaks, look into its functionality. Check if there are any error codes displayed. Measure pressure to ensure that it is working optimally. Further, you may need to recalibrate any controls on the boiler. While it is working, listen for any unusual noises it may produce. Check for blockages on the vent pipe and the combustion air opening. It may hinder the proper functioning of the boiler.

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