If you’re looking for a great home improvement project, installing a new HVAC system is an excellent place to start. HVAC systems are some of the most complicated devices in modern homes. Many of them include both heating and cooling systems. Whether your system uses forced air, radiant tubing, or another method of heat transfer, you can improve it by installing a new system.

In the video posted here, professionals are working in an old house to install an all-new HVAC system.

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Of all HVAC installations, this is the most complicated. They start by removing most of the old HVAC system but leaving the ductwork in place. Then, they clean out the ductwork using vacuums, snakes, and other professional equipment. Once the ducts are cleaned, they begin to install a new furnace and AC system. Since the home in the video is in Detroit, it needs both heating and cooling systems.

The new systems synergize well with the ductwork that was already installed in the home. Keeping the ductwork allowed them to handle the HVAC installation at a cheaper price, and since the ducts are clean and not rusty, they are as good as new.

To learn more about HVAC installations, reach out to heating and cooling contractors in your area.

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