Skilled roofers follow specific steps to install shingles and ensure the roofing is durable and waterproof. The YouTube video offers a step-by-step instruction video that viewers can follow to learn the steps and techniques. Here’s an overview of the shingle installation:

How Roofers Install Shingles

Firstly, the contractor prepares the site and the roof. It includes removing debris or old roofing materials and ensuring the area is clean and safe.

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Technicians then inspect the roof deck to ensure it’s safe for installation before installing underlayment. The underlayment material is usually felt or synthetic materials.

Before installing the shingles, the roofing contractor will install the starter strip along the roof’s eaves to form a foundation for the shingles to rest on. The shingles are laid down from the bottom up and shingles are pinned down using roofing nails. Each row of shingles is layered over the previous one to ensure a watertight seal and prevent leaks.

Flashing is installed around areas prone to leaks such as vents, valleys, and chimneys. Finally, the roofing contractor will install ridge vents, and hip and ridge shingles. Ridge vents are to improve ventilation and hip and ridge shingles provide a finished look.

Shingle installation follows a meticulous process. It should only be done by trained professionals. The area is prepared before shingles are placed in overlapping rows and finishing touches are added.


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