This video discusses hydraulic elevators. They are a large elevator and more comfortable. This type of residential elevator resembles a traditional elevator. However, putting a residential elevator in the house feels like a risk because there was not enough information or options for the elevator.

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This elevator needs a pit, which is easy to do with new construction. This pit needs to be about six or eight inches deep. A mechanical room is not required with a hydraulic elevator. This allows you to save space.

It cost about $35,000 to put in a residential elevator in 2019. It has a 1000 pound capacity. It is the largest size residential elevator you can find. This elevator was built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the cost was about the mid-range of the expected price.

If you are going to have an elevator, you need to have a turning radius. This means you want the hallway to be 4 feet wide minimum. In addition, the elevator should be large enough for a wheelchair and a person with a wheelchair.

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