A big question that’s haunted the home improvement industry is how much are salesman making and is it unfair? With a market where dozens of options are available in terms of the type of worker you can hire, at what point are roofers making any money and homeowners losing too much money?

One way to look at your home improvement project is how much does this roof company deserve and is it worth it for me to hire one of these roof companies? The idea of how much a company should be making shouldn’t be what you’re thinking of, instead, it should be what do you think the value of the job is. There will always be salesmen who are trying to make as much money as possible on any given job, but your standards can’t be too high, but they also can’t be too low. You have to go into the appointment thinking how much can you actually spend on a job, and not jumping on a huge ticket price because a salesman says you won’t see that price again.

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The flip side of that though is that if you undervalue the job, you could easily get a bad crew doing the job and using cheap materials.

So when it comes to roofing, it doesn’t necessarily matter how much the company makes, but where you value the job realistically. .

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