In this YouTube video, Organica Biotech Pvt.Ltd presents how septic systems work.

All water that goes down the pipes in a building drains into a buried septic tank. Septic tanks can have more than one chamber. In a multi-chamber tank, waste is naturally treated through strategic decomposition.

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All waste arrives in the first chamber, and as the chamber fills, sludge forms near the top level of the water. Solids sink to the bottom while the rest of the liquid stays in the middle. The microbes and bacteria naturally present in this mixture begin to break down both the sludge and the solids.

As the chamber fills, excess water is pushed over into the second chamber of the tank, where microbes continue breaking down waste particles. Finally, this treated water is pushed out into the pipes leading out into a leech field, draining back into the soil.

Microbial breakdown efficiency is slowed by excess chemicals and excessive water flowing into the system. When this happens, a failure of the septic system can eventually occur.

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