West chester hvac

Ever wondered how a West Chester HVAC company came to be? That is, do you wonder how modern electricity, heating and air conditioning came about? An HVAC West Chester PA has would not be possible without a rich history of innovation.

Plumbing is one place that lead to the rise of a modern West Chester HVAC company. Indoor plumbing always existed, but city scale plumbing only started in the 1800s as cities became denser. New York in particular offered citywide drinking water in the 1850s. While the first pipes were made of lead, copper replaced them in the 1930s and 1940s once the dangers of lead were understood.

Air conditioning is another area a West Chester HVAC company can owe to its credit. Willis Carrier made the first system in 1902, as a means to control humidity at a printing plant. While used in industrial applications, air conditioning appeared in the home after 1950, and is an American hallmark.

Today, a West Chester HVAC company can help address energy challenges. Take electricity. Half of the U.S. electric supply comes from coal, and yet there is still waste. For instance, 90 percent of electricity in an incandescent lightbulb gets wasted as heat. An electrician West Chester PA offers can help manage such wastes.

No matter the energy or utility challenges, a plumber west chester pa offers, along with electricians and other professionals, can solve them. Those you would find in a West Chester HVAC have a rich history of innovation. With that in mind, a West Chester HVAC company can tackle challenges of the future. Refernce materials.

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