Are you ready to take the next step to renovate your home? Your home is your castle, so you should make it as comfortable as you like. The good thing about owning your home is the freedom to upgrade it to suit your needs as long as it fits within your budget. There are several residential renovation services to hire for both the interior and exterior of your house. From installing a pool to renovating your roof, the right updates can turn your home into an oasis.

Roofing Services

Professional roofing services benefit the interior and exterior of your home. How come? First of all, new roof inspections check for underlining problems such as leeks. If your roof is a gateway for water to enter your home due to cracks, holes, and other vulnerabilities, it can damage your foundation. When there’s major water damage inside your home, you may notice wet and dark spots on your ceiling and upper walls. It can also encourage the growth of mold, which is both unsightly and unhealthy to live around.

Residential renovation services to hire should include a professional roofer no matter how handy you are with home repairs. The fact is, do-it-yourself work on your roof can void your warranty. If your roof warranty becomes null and void, that could cost you several thousands of dollars if you ever need a roof replacement later on. Your roofing repairs may not solve the problem, so if you need to call in a professional afterward, you won’t have the assistance of the warranty to pay for it. Save yourself time, money, and heartache by letting the local roofing professionals do their job.

It’s hard not to notice how a well-maintained roof adds to the beauty of a home. In other words, your roofing repair services can increase curb appeal. Many Americans love asphalt tiles because they come in a variety of colors and are symbolic of American housing tradition. Other materials such as metal, slate, and ceramic tiles are more expensive but very durable, especially if you live in a hot climate. According to Bob Vila, your metal or slate roof can easily last you up to 70 years with proper care. Your local roofing professional can advise you on the best roofing material for your house and the climate.

Cabinet Services

The days of look-alike model home cabinets are gone. If you look in any home magazines or Pinterest pictures, you’ll notice that cabinet contractors are some of the most in-demand residential renovation services to hire. If you enjoy the overall structure of your existing cabinets, you can hire local services to do painting or resurfacing. If you decide to paint your kitchen a new color, repaint the cabinets as well to maintain a uniform theme. If they appear a little worn but are still sturdy, resurfacing will give them a new lease on life.

Not crazy about traditional kitchen cabinet styles? No problem. Remove them in place of modern trends like open cabinets that don’t have doors. Create more space by having pullout drawers behind the cabinets. You can install a floating shelf made of wood, glass, or metal and show off all of your dishes, cookbooks, and any items you want to exhibit in the kitchen. A toe-kick drawer is a secret storage space that’s easy to access and blends into the baseboards. If you’ve always dreamed of having a pantry but don’t have enough space, you can have a hidden pullout pantry near the refrigerator.

Landscaping Services

If you have a front or backyard, there’s so much you can do with that space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Landscapers know how to properly care for your grass and other plants. They can apply fertilizer as needed and know how much to apply for each plant. That way, you can look forward to having beautiful, lush green vegetation on your landscape that’ll add to your curb appeal. They can also plant flower beds in the front and back. They also know how to incorporate masonry work to make a custom walkway out front.

Landscaping professionals can clear out your backyard for other projects. Make room to build decks, patios, and other features. If you wish to increase your relaxation at home, landscapers are residential renovation services to hire.

Lights aren’t only for the inside of your house. Landscaping lighting services can install custom lighting features for enhanced safety and security and to highlight features like a walkway. No more stumbling around in the dark after a late night out with friends.

Tree Services

Trees add so much life to your home, and they need proper care to remain strong and healthy. That’s why you should add local tree services to your list of residential renovation services to hire for regular pruning and trimming. While you may think you can do it yourself, a trained arborist knows exactly what to look for when it comes to a sick branch. They know exactly where to trim it and how much to trim without hurting the tree.

Professional tree care is also great for protecting your home structure. Overgrown tree roots may uplift your home foundation as well as puncture your septic tank. A punctured septic tank can result in a very expensive and nasty-smelling health hazard. When a tree is too close to your house, it can also pose a danger of falling over during inclement weather or if it dies. An arborist can safely and effectively remove any trees that pose a threat to your safety.

Bathtub Services

If your house initially came with a shower-tub combo, you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to. Bathtub services can take that apart and create a separate shower and bathtub for you. Have you seen those old-fashioned claw tubs? Imagine having one in the middle of your bathroom for a deep, relaxing soak after a long day.

Maybe you already have a tub that you like as is, but it needs some tender loving care. That’s where professional bathtub refinishing services can come in. These professionals can work on your old tub and resurface it to make it look new again. If you avoided taking deep soaks in your existing tub because of chipped paint and unsightly stains, you’ll be able to enjoy your tub again without any hesitation.

Fence Services

Do you want to add extra layers of security to your home? If so, fence services should be among your top residential renovation services to hire immediately. According to Security Latest, the best security fence is about 7 feet or higher.

Fences do more than keep out human intruders. Certain fences are built to prevent pests from creeping into your garden or your main home. If you build a wooden fence around your garden, you can install barbed wire underneath to make sure rodents and other animals won’t burrow under it. Fence professionals can protect a wood fence by adding a protective sealant to prevent termites from eating away at it and threatening its integrity.

Fence installation services improve your exterior by giving pets and children a comfortable place to play. Children and dogs love to play outside. Sometimes your cats like to get out too. By having a secure fence around your property, it’ll be safer for kids and furbabies to play outside without worrying about them running into the street. It can also prevent passersby and other intruders from snatching them up.

Paving Services

For serious curb appeal, make sure you include paving services amongst your residential renovation services to hire soon. Some people may not think much about the driveway and the space in front of it. However, it can certainly add or subtract away from your property value. According to Homelight, a paved, well-maintained driveway could add $10,000 to $20,000 to the value of a property.

If you live in a cold winter climate, your home will look much better after a snowfall with a well-paved driveway. Smooth pavement is easier to shovel, can handle salt, and aids in keeping your car clean. Say goodbye to cracks and uneven surface levels that can increase liability if somebody were to trip and fall. In other words, a good asphalt paving project can make your home more inviting, especially if you’re looking to sell it.

Deck Services

After a long day, you can look forward to sitting outside and enjoying the view of your beautiful landscape with a finished deck. When you add deck builders to your residential renovation services to hire, you increase your ability to relax on your own property and enjoy the outdoors in private. A finished deck is also a great place for entertaining, especially when it’s time for summer barbecues, birthday parties, and business dinners.

Pool Services

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. As things heat up for summer, you’ll be seeing more and more people out for a swim at the beach or public pools. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones that can afford to build a private swimming pool, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a pool building service. When you add a pool building service to your residential renovation services to hire, you may also avoid exposure to toxins. According to AARP, there are many people with germs swimming in public pools. Plus, some people still use pools as public bathrooms.

A swimming pool isn’t one-size-fits-all and you have vast design options. Build one as big or small as you like, as long as it meets local regulations. Make things easy and hire a pool cleaning service to clean it for you regularly. They can also check to ensure the pH balance stays normal so that the water is always comfortable to swim in.

Garage Door Services

Your garage door more than likely goes up and down at least a couple of times a day if you drive regularly. Your garage door is quite heavy and can be a safety hazard if it no longer functions properly. Have regular garage door repairs for the safety of you and anyone that enters or exits through the garage. As your garage door ages, you can also change it up for aesthetics.

Do you want your garage door to match your house and not look like a separate entity? Then add a garage door installation to your growing list of residential renovation services to hire. With the right garage door installer, your garage can go from just being a place that houses your cars to looking like an equal part of your home. You can get custom garage doors in many designs and materials. Install beautiful wood panels or metal doors, or go transparent with fiberglass. Do you enjoy working in your garage on a beautiful day and seeing people passing by? You can do that without getting bit by bugs when your contractors install a garage door screen.

There are so many residential renovation services to hire when you want the home of your dreams. Whether you want to update your interior space or your exterior landscape, you won’t be at a loss for options to consider. Keep your landscape looking green, weed-free, and full of life with professional landscapers. Impress your neighbors by having a custom-made garage door or new asphalt paving. Have the best parties in town with your new swimming pool and custom deck. There are so many ways to create the Oasis of your dreams, one renovation at a time. Even after completing all the updates on this list, you can still find more residential renovation services to hire.

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