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Did you know that terrazzo flooring has a history going back over 1,500 years? Terrazzo is essentially a mix of colored chips and epoxy resin, that is then poured into slabs creating the tiles we are familiar with today. With proper maintenance, this tiles can last for decades — even centuries.

Tiles are a good investment for your kitchen space. The kitchen is one of the homes in the house that experiences the most wear and tear. Although like tile, hardwood is more appropriate for this space than a carpet, hardwood is more susceptible to nicks and chips. Even the hardest woods will experience damage over time and eventually need to be resurfaced.

Are you thinking about getting terrazzo tiles for your kitchen? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

How Much Do They Cost?

On average, terrazzo flooring will cost between $7 and $10 per square foot. The average size of a kitchen today is 70 square foot, though this can of course vary widely. Consequently, you can estimate that your floor will cost you between $500 and $700 when all is said and done, though there may be additional costs depending on the layout of your floor.

Is Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Difficult?

No. In fact, maintenance for this type of floor is fairly easy and straightforward for the majority of homeowners. It?s recommended by experts that silicone caulk be used as the grout for sealing water out, and terrazzo flooring — if your floor is not new, but older — can be restored and repolished when needed. Tile and grout cleaning products should be fairly gentle so as not to eat away at the grout itself, and an epoxy can be applied to the surface of grout to keep it safe every one to two years. Tile floor cleaning can be something you largely worry about once a year.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration: What Exactly to Expect

What exactly is terrazzo restoration? Tile restoration is not too complicated of a process; it usually just involves grinding down and refinishing the current surface. The price for this can vary widely; it can be anywhere from $1 a square foot to $10. Most likely the price you will be quoted will be more toward the middle of this range.

Do you have any experience with tile floor cleaning or restoring? Let us know.

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