Pentek water filters

Did you know that not all drinking water in the US is safe for consumption? The EPA says that ten percent of water they review does not meet their standards. Not only can some contaminants like toxins and micro bacteria sneak in, but many cities treat their water with chlorine and other chemicals that can be harmful in consumed in high enough quantities. What are steps you can ensure to make sure your tap water is safe?

First, get your water supply assessed. Such an assessment will tell you where your contaminant levels are at, and if they are not at safe levels, this will give you an idea of what to proceed to next.

Second, a more simple filter will work for water supplies that are relatively clean but need just a bit of cleanup. Two options for this include omni water filters and pentek water filters. For more advanced issues, a whole house water filter might be appropriate. Rather than just filtering your drinking water et cetera, a whole house water filter will make sure that the water coming from your sinks and showers are acceptable and safe as well and are up to the strictest contaminant standards.

Third, make sure that whether you are getting a sink or whole house water filter, that the company you are using for your filter is reputable. See what online reviews have to say and ask your neighbors and friends for their filter recommendation. One company you might be interested in looking into is the American plumber water filter.

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