The best grass seed

Households within the United States spent just over twenty nine billion dollars on their gardens and yards in 2011. As you can see from the first statistic, countless people want their lawns to look nice and will spend a fair bit of money each year to achieve it. Anyone that is trying to achieve a fuller looking yard covered in bright green should think about sprinkling grass seeds atop the entire lawn a couple times a year. These grass seeds should fill any voids while also promoting new growth so that there is always new grass to replace any that is dying off. You may find it interesting that the first time the term lawn was used in American context was in 1733, but did not take part as a regular word in the American vocabulary until the post Civil War era.

Performing a soil analysis is never a bad idea as it can conclude whether or not your lawn is getting enough nutrients to thrive and ensure that the proper pH levels are there as well. The soil needs to be properly cared for as this is where the roots of plants soak up nutrients as well as water. Turf grass is guessed to expand over forty million acres in the US making it have three times the acreage of corn growth. While corn is very common in many states, lawns are seen all over the country and cover much more area. All of this grass will need proper maintenance or it will slowly die out. Using grass seeds to promote growth and patch up dry areas is one of the best routes to take in keeping a full lawn.

There are specific types of grass seeds that are practical for different climates. Those in warmer areas that experience little rainfall should look up drought resistant grass seeds as these have the ability to thrive where rain is uncommon and hot temperatures are readily seen. The type of lawn seed that you purchase should cater to the specific climate you live in while also having nutrients such as fertilizer to help it grow successfully. Research grass seeds on the internet to find which brand is best suited for your area.

Mowing your lawn should be done to keep it around two or three inches high because this will increase the strength of the roots and assist in eliminating weeds. You do not have to mow every week, but keep the grass at a nice height for best results. Those seeking to do maintenance should spread grass seeds after they mow so that they have some time to grow before the next cut.

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