Handicap bathrooms

There are many things that people take great pride for in their lives. Perhaps one of the most universal feelings of pride is in one’s home. People want their home to be the most comfortable place that they could ever be. They also want to have a home that naturally exhibits a hospital atmosphere that welcomes each and every visitor that enters it. And one of the most essential qualities of a home that most people seek is aesthetic appeal. Generally, people have a vision in their minds for what their ideal home would be like. When they move into a house, they are often able to see the potential it possesses to become the dream home they have always wanted. Remodeling some of the rooms is usually a necessary process for this to be possible, and one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a home is the bathroom. Those who are interested in finding out bathroom remodeling costs and ideas for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, Arizona can contact the local bathroom remodeling companies.

One of the reasons that people may need to remodel their bathroom is to make it handicap accessible. Remodeling a bathroom in order to make it handicap friendly entails expanding the doorway to about 36 inches wide. This allows for a person to be able to turn from a hallway into the bathroom. The sink may also need to be made higher for individuals that use walkers. In order for the person to be able to stand straight against the sink without bending or slumping down, the sink should be 34 inches rather than the standard 31 inches.

Generally, a bathroom needs a makeover about every 20 years or so as it is one of the most trafficked spaces in a home. The major components can break down over time due to the constant use and moisture that builds up. On average, investing in a bathroom yields a 62 percent return. Individuals that want to find out specific bathroom remodeling costs for their own home can consult with the Phoenix bathroom remodeling companies.

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