Contemporary furniture dc

The modernism movement in art and design rejects realism and traditional values while embracing discontinuity, disruption, and the unexpected. While most might think of fine art when it comes to modernism, it applies to other areas as well, including furniture. Nowadays, individuals can head to Theodores to get DC contemporary furniture that meets any style that they might want. From the traditional to the modern, Theodores provides many different options for contemporary furniture DC residents might want. As a result, anybody looking for to decorate their home or apartment should head to Theodores in order to check out their 10,000 square foot showroom that features many great designs and styles.

Almost no living room is complete without a great “couch,” which comes from an Old French term meaning “to recline.” They provide a great spot for people to lay down and relax on a lazy Sunday, or sit with friends while watching movies and eating popcorn. The earliest known sofa dates all the way back to 2000 BC Egypt, but the couches seen in Dc modern furniture stores like Theodores are not likely to look very similar. However, couches are a great addition to just about any room, and the wide selection at Theodores makes it a great resource for anybody looking to buy one.

For many hard working individuals, a great office chair is a necessity that helps them get through the grind of working in an office every day. Charles Darwin could be called the inventor of the office chair, since he put wheels on an armchair in order to move around his office to view specimens more easily, and was the first to do so. When looking for office chairs and other modern furniture DC residents can check out the inventory at Theodores in order to find many great products. While they might not work like Darwin, Theodores makes it easy for people to at least sit like him.

The term “chairman” stems from the fact that years ago only important individuals were privileged enough to have chairs. Everyone else had to use benches, stools, or the floor. Today, no home is complete without chairs that can be enjoyed by the owners and guests alike. In order to find the best chairs, individuals might want to head to Theodores. Doing so might be the fastest way to find lots of great contemporary furniture that makes a home more comfortable. Find more on this topic here:

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