For everyone who is new to the phrase acoustical accent clouds, they are ceiling clouds typically installed in a room, no matter what the size of the room, that are designed to help architecturally and with noise reduction. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be custom decorated with any type of artwork the customer chooses. Acoustical accent clouds are always used in venues such as restaurants, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, atriums, and more, to enhance the interior design as well as to cut down on noise and reverberation.

Acoustic accent clouds are available in several fashions. They can be installed in the form of acoustic ceiling panels, acoustic wall covering, and more, and are also available as other types of acoustic building products. Acoustical ceiling accessories are especially necessary in a venue where loud music is played through the typical high end technical sound equipment used by most bands and musicians. It has been proven that any noise at 85 decibels and above for a sustained period of time will increase the risk of hearing loss in any individual.

Interestingly, it is a fact that any community noise that rises to about 40 decibels and more can be detrimental to physical health. Community noise is defined as sounds that arise from airports, highways, and railroads, industrial noise, outdoor construction and public works, exhaust and ventilation systems, industrial applications, clubs and concerts, oil and gas equipment, and more. Basically, anything that releases noise pollution into the environment. All of these sounds can produce frequencies that are potentially dangerous to the health of the human body under prolonged conditions. Cardiovascular disease and learning disabilities have been traced to these sources.

Typical settings in which acoustical accent clouds are found are schools, commercial spaces, government buildings, healthcare facilities, production studios, and worship facilities. When acoustic ceiling products and accessories are installed, professionals will usually inspect the premises beforehand in order to determine the best strategy to follow in order to achieve the desired results. The size of the facility, the height of the ceilings, the measurements of the walls, will all be taken into consideration during the planning stage.

Based on all the requirements of the space in question engineers will develop a functional plan that will best suit its environmental needs. All equipment used will be chosen to satisfy all local noise ordinances as well as safety standards put down by OSHA. The safety of all who will occupy the space at any given time will be considered when computing the levels of noise control and the lengths of time people spend on the premises. The results of noise surveys conducted by engineers will determine the level of noise created within the property in question and the scope of equipment needed to control it.

Corporations with on site machinery such as gas turbines, shredders, chillers, generators, and other equipment that creates a high level of noise may require custom built enclosures in order to satisfy OSHA standards. These enclosures will also have to meet requirements for air flow and easy access for repair and maintenance purposes.

Acoustical accent clouds products, installation, and service can all be provided by one company. This produces an efficient, professional source for services from beginning to end. One company will conduct necessary testing, analyze the data, and provide a written report of their findings. The same service will appropriate the required equipment and components and perform installation. Upon completion of the project, they will perform testing of the new equipment to insure that the required results are realized. This same acoustic installation company will provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep on their products as well. Some of the products that can be purchased from companies that engineer and install acoustical accent cloud products are acoustic panels and fabrics, acoustic foam, booths and enclosures, sound blankets and diffusers, solutions for doors and windows, vibration control, and floor treatments.

Statistics show that in 30 million people over the age of 12 in the United States suffer from some level of hearing loss in both ears. Companies and property owners doing their part to alleviate this situation has become essential to the health of the public.

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