In this video, you will learn about commercial roofers. They can’t work when the roof is wet. It is best to get an early start in the morning.

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However, it is not good to work during or after it has rained or snowed. He is showing us a piece of metal that is behind the unit they are servicing. Out in front of the unit, it looks better and is in better shape. There’s a joint with caulk and scratches. He needs to terminate a wall and it is glued to a metal T-bar. It holds the rubber tight to the brick wall. The metal stripping is drilled together and held with pin nails. On top, there is colored caulk. Most roofing projects are at least two-men jobs. It is very rare that someone can service a roof on their own. There are pipes with boots. When you are servicing a commercial roof, you have to make sure the base is structurally sound. The T-patch made from uncured weather is not able to stretch. Commercial roofing is a hard task. Keep watching this video to learn more information on commercial roofers.

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